Marsha Reynolds

New York, NY

Marsha Gay Reynolds, MPH, leads and directs the daily operations of a home health care agency. Marsha Gay Reynolds establishes and implements quality standards for patients. She facilitates training and organizes audits to ensure compliance with quality standards. Marsha Gay Reynolds loves what she does and says it is essential to develop customer service, communication and problem solving skills in order to succeed in this role.


There is a special purpose for home health care. To our clients and their supportive family at large, there is nothing more fulfilling than receiving care in the comfort of one’s home, while experiencing independence and dignity.


Marsha Gay Reynolds shares some insights regarding the future of In-Home Care, such as the floodgates of opportunities and options that the pandemic has opened. She also mentioned how Public Health emergency waivers have created fast tracking services such as telehealth as well as hospital- level care within patient’s homes. And that these services have shown higher levels of satisfaction among patients and their family.


Marsha seeks Home Health Aides that are reliable, professional and compassionate who are ready to champion their passion into an impactful career in the healthcare industry that doesn’t only provide care, but is committed to offering a unique and paramount experience to every client. Whether the care plans are person-centered or general, simple or complex, these demands have a growing list of home based non-medical care models that will include services covered primarily out of pocket or covered through traditional Medicare and other advantage plans.


Marsha is optimistic about the future of Home Care. As she mentions ‘ this profession is drastically growing while American braces for a growing elderly population.’


Being in this industry is motivating Marsha says, as it allows caregivers to work in a field full of compassion. Having to care for someone when he/she is in recovery or even receiving ongoing care. The caregiver will feel a sense of gratitude and satisfaction as they play a role in making the healing process possible.